Saturday, November 12, 2016



So...according to the scale, I GAINED weight (I was 125lbs when I left America and now I'm 138). I ate oatmeal and other carbs the day before I weighed myself so I'm hoping its bloat since I run everyday and walk everywhere! Inshallah, it's fluctuating or water weight (even though I don't drink nearly enough) because I AM NOT TRYING TO LOOK SLACK. I joined the gym at the Hilton since its gorgeous, COED, and has weights (which helped me to lose weight in the first place). I will probably weigh myself in 1-2 weeks because I don't want to be obsessed with that number (but it MATTERS).

Anyways, I have learned many profound truths since I have been here:
1. I am valued more here as an AMERICAN than I am in American. My passport is apparently some sort of GOLDEN ticket to travel anywhere (I assumed this was the same for everyone...equality? equity?)
2. Most people think I'm from Ghana, I guess due to my brown skin, but when I say America, they get super excited. It's like I'm some type of exotic animal or something. For example, I was speaking with a co-worker that is not Emirati. I asked her where she was from (another country) and then I said, 'Oh, you remind me of my American friends (because of her appearance, dress).' BIG MISTAKE. This young lady started cheesin' so hard. She said 'Really?! Thank you!' as if my assumption was the highest compliment. Western culture is reflected heavily here from the restaurants, to the stores, to the music. My students DAB everyday and they're fourth graders. LOL
3. Taxi drivers don't know locations! A driver had the nerve to ask us if we knew the way! Bruh, no, I don't. Super frustrating!
4. Allergies have followed me from America. My nose runs everyday in this heat! I have finished my prescription from the US, and now I will be on local meds. Pray for me!

**Since the election, all conversations from non-Americans are about the President-elect. They are worried and sad too. Students are worried about their futures because they are well aware of what is going on...sometimes more aware than me.

~Stay in PEACE, not pieces! :)